Sealing Material
TAI-JIH LON PEF-S, is manufactured from semi-rigid material of high efficiency polyethylene foam, cross-linked by irradiation Foaming rate ranges from 5 to 30 expansion, suitable for a wide range of thermal insulation and sealing packaging material, such as bottle-cap, home appliance and consumer's products.

Special character

  1. Lightweight, excellent elasticity, ensure the material sealed with products completely.

  2. Pure white appearance with smooth surface (black/gray color available).

  3. Micro-cell structure without water-absorption, strong anti-compression strength, it won't change the figure after a long period of usage.

  4. PE foam resin plastic with property of medicine resistance.

  5. Nearly unchanged size from increasing heat, stable of dimensions.

  6. Clean and safety, complied with inspection of sanitation.Sealing material for gasket of bottle cap.

The particular properties of TAI-JIH LON PEF products are suitable for Cosmetic, Perfume, Pesticide, Clean-agent and Foods.

Sealing Material for gasket of bottle cap
Special features:
  1. Process:
  2. Excellent elongation stands for permanent process, avoid turning in vain or leaking, as the gasket never turn solidified, so it is fitted in with cap tightly.
  3. Unusual compressing strength:
  4. Even the material is used repeatedly, it will not be easy to break or scratch that affect the process and leak-resistance.
  5. Sanitation:
  6. Safety and sanitation, nontoxic and non-foul, complied with inspecting certification of Commerce Bureau.
  7. Medicine resistance:
  8. Excellent medicine resistance and solution resistance is a composting result of PE resin's safe property and the process of cross-linked.
  9. Temperature resistance:
  10. As TAI-JIH LON is nearly 100% of closed fine-cell structure PE foam, no water absorption,so it can endure 90°C of temperature, suitable for high temperature sterilization in a short time and low temperature's refrigeration.
項目 積水無架橋(3倍發泡品)
1.0 1.5 2.0
密度(kg/m2) 333 333 333
壓縮強度(KPa) 634 899 930
壓縮永久歪(%) 4.5 4.7 5.1
拉力強度(MPa) 8 6 5
拉裂強度(N/cm) 402 349 330

Model No.

Foaming Rate Thickness (mm) Substantial thing in containe
Alcoholic, Cosmetic, Clean-agent
Juice, Mineral water, Petroleum, Lamp oil.
Sea-moss, Sugar-lump, Milk Powder, Instant coffee …… .

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