Taijih possesses experienced and skilled packaging design team to solve wrapping, shipping and storage issues for pre-processing and post-processing of TFT-LCD panels, glass substrates, wafer and touching panels industries.


Antistatic, anti-conductivity, shockproof, chemical-resistant, dust-proof and thermal insulation.

L-PORT series:

Thickness of glass applied 0.33mm-3mm.
Cell box series: glass applied G3 glass - G5 glass.
Dense pack box series: applied box 10.4" - 65" with over 50 series.
Tray series: customized vacuum plastic forming.

L Supporter
L-Port Box
Cell Box
Cell Box
Dense Pack Box
Conductive PE foam Tray
Conductive PS Tray
3 Fold Tray
PC Tray
PS Tray
Vacuum Formed PE / PP Foam
PC Inverter Cover
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