Specialize for Split Indoor Air-conditioner

Dew-resistance, Long roll, Lightweight, Save Material, Easy to install.

  1. Utilizing excellent insulation property of uniform and fine-cell structure of irradiation cross-linked PE (polyethylene) foam.
  2. Extraordinary small unit superimpose rigidly, although being bent, the average thickness of the material makes thermal insulation effectively.
  3. Hose is constructed with flexible and branched resin, which will not be jammed inside of the pipe, while it is bent.
  4. Hose will not be blocked or caused the incrustation, as inside of the hose is extremely smooth, water circulation is very smoothly.
  5. Hose length totally 20m, lightweight, cost effective, which is suitable for separated cooler use of dewless, insulation hose.

Drain Hose ( With Foam )
Drain Hose ( With Foam )
SPEC Material Length Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Color
14∮*26∮ PVC+PE Cross-linked White Customize 14 ∮ 26 ∮ Milk White
20∮*31∮ PVC+PE Cross-linked White Customize 26 ∮ 31∮ Milk White
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